Tech Rehearsal Information

The Artist/Co-Presenter/Curator (herein referred to as Contractee) shall receive rehearsal time in Highways Performance Space. Allotted rehearsal time shall be arranged at the discretion of the Highways Artistic Director.

All tech work (including but not limited to: lighting hang, hookup focus, cue writing, board recording operating, sound video playback, and any rigging or set building in the space) requires use of the tech time that is allotted for your show. That also means that the Technical Director (herein referred to as TD) must be present for any of the above. Most shows are allotted up to 10 hours of tech rehearsal time during the week of their preparations (4 hours for one contracted performance or 10 hours for 2 or more contracted performances). Additional hours are negotiable only if the TD is available and you agree to pay a fee directly to the technical director outside of those 10 hours. (see below for fee info).

Other events often occur on Monday evenings, so rehearsal time will be available those particular days up through 5:45pm only. Saturday and Sunday daytime rehearsals can also be negotiated at the discretion of the Highways Artistic Director, based upon availability.

TECH AVALIABILITY: Contact TD for scheduling. TECH OUTSIDE OF 10 HOURS: You may schedule more tech time, but that must be discussed with the TD, including the additional fee. This will be invoiced and Contractee agrees to pay additional costs no later than the completion of strike restore, unless other arrangements are made with the TD.

Technical Director (TD)

Highways shall provide Contractee with one Tech Director (TD) who has working knowledge of the house technical systems — 4 hours for one contracted performance or 10 hours for 2 or more contracted performances. For anything beyond those allotted hours, Contractee shall make arrangements and pay the TD directly.

The TD is employed as an independent contractor and only in the position of Technical Director.

The TD shall hang focus Highways’ lighting instruments for the Contractee, operate the technical equipment for cue-to-cue rehearsals, dress rehearsals and all performances. The contracted hours for tech do not include the running of the show. That time is covered by Highways separately.

The TD will be available to operate any and all technical equipment single handedly, and to the best of that person’s ability.

Should the performances require more than one technician, Contractee shall arrange for that and is responsible for paying that person. Additional needs such as set construction, painters, stagehands, crew, or stage manager may be needed depending on the scale of the show. Generally, the TD will be able to handle operation of all systems, but some situations may benefit from additional tech support.

Any additional operations shall be negotiated by the Contractee with the TD. Additional equipment brought into the Space is the responsibility of the Contractee.

Guest technical operators may be engaged to run house equipment, so long as the TD supervises the use of such systems.

House equipment may only be moved by the TD. Equipment may only be patched, turned on, or turned off by the TD. Mistreatment of Highways’ equipment by the Contractee’s personnel may result in the forfeiture of the use of that and any other equipment for the remainder of the run.
The TD will help you to realize your goals at Highways and give you high quality support. Plans that are not clearly communicated prior to load-in and end up presenting a problem to Highways may require amending or may have to be cut.

Lighting Design

The TD is employed as an independent contractor and only in the position of Technical Director. The Contractee shall arrange for and pay a lighting designer if needed. Highways can help Contractee determine such need.

The TD shall provide the standard house light plot. The TD will also provide a maximum of 4 “specials” per the request of Contractee (keep in mind that each house plot already comes with additional lighting instruments covering other areas, so additional work is generally minimal). Color filter changes may also be requested, subject to Highways inventory availability. The standard house plot includes warm and cool color filters.

Contractee may provide a Lighting Designer, or may hire the TD for lighting design services, depending on the TD’s availability and interest.

There are two simultaneously hung house plots: 1 Standard House Plot, and 1 Dance House Plot — independent from one another. House plots may be altered by guest designers only if arrangements are made with the TD for restore. Guest designers are strongly encouraged to use Highways’ additional stock lighting instruments, or bring in rentals, before making alterations to the house plots. The TD will assist the guest designer, but not focus the show in place of the guest designer. Contractee is obligated to restore the house plot following the closing performance, under the supervision of the TD (this must be budgeted into the 10 hour tech, or contracted additionally, depending on the TD’s availability).

Highways TD does not hang specialized light plots sent via email or paper. Highways does not have enough staff to provide such services, in advance of your arrival, unless the TD is willing and available for additional contracted work directly for the Contractee (scale of the show permitting), but is under no obligation to accept such work.