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/// Latina/o Queer Literary Series #1: “Wanderlust”

Latina/o Queer Literary Series #1: “Wanderlust”

Friday + Saturday, April 20 + 21 @ 8.30pm

Curated by Raquel Gutierrez

In “Wanderlust,” writers of Latina/o and queer extractions make the specter of place known through word, as they shepherd us in a nd guide us through radical spatial narratives that weave in tales of sexualized citizenry, gendered candor and transnational desires.  Featuring Micha Cardenas, Marcela Fuentes, Frank Galarte and more.

Raquel Gutiérrez (b. 1976, Los Angeles, California) is a community-based performance writer, playwright, community organizer and cultural activist. Gutiérrez is one of the co-founding members of the performance ensemble, Butchlalis de Panochtitlan (BdP), a community-based and activist-minded group aimed at creating a visual vernacular around queer Latinidad in Los Angeles. Gutiérrez is also the Manager of Community Partnerships for Cornerstone Theater Company, the leading purveyor of community-based theater in the United States. She holds degrees in performance studies from New York University and in journalism and Central American studies from California State University–Northridge.


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