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JOEY HALTER – Apocalyptic Exodus Scenarios

July 31, 2015 @ 8:30 pm - 10:00 pm

| $20/$15


Apocalyptic Exodus Scenarios is a show about creative evolution, and the personal apocalypse we each live. Although it is auto-biographical at points, it goes beyond that, exploring the different stages of man, and how easy it is to get stuck in your own reality and perspective.

Just as we are born into a predicament of sorts, we are also products of our earliest environments. Be it because of our genetic disposition or the karmic law of reincarnation, we come into this world with a set of circumstances imbedded into our being.

Apocalyptic Exodus Scenarios explores the struggle of change and the battle of the soul, as it tries to hold on to destructive patterns. It tells the story of one man as many men, and about the many lives that are lead within just one lifetime.

Blending philosophy with absurd comedy and multimedia storytelling with psychedelic lighting and rock and roll music, Joey Halter’s Apocalyptic Exodus Scenario is an experience that you won’t want to miss.


I’m from Ohio. The first dream I remember was about blue dogs. I had a happy childhood. My parents aren’t divorced. I have a brother named Matt. We lived in the suburbs and ate hot pockets and watched TGIF. I took a lot of acid in high school and really liked The Ramones. I wore a leather jacket everyday and tried hard not to care. Because I thought I didn’t care, I moved to Chicago and rode my bike around and listened to my headphones until I started to be ok with caring.

I left Chicago for Colorado and lived with a bunch of pirates and talked to myself a lot and started having out-of body experiences and lucid dreams. Then, in a dream one night, Dennis Hopper told me to go to Los Angeles, so I did. I found some friends there and we made a movie about a gas-huffing sociopath with memory distrust syndrome and delusions of grandeur… whoa, I just figured out why Dennis Hopper wanted me to move to Los Angeles. It’s a shame he never got to see that movie.

Then I played in a rock and roll band and figured that since we made one good movie for free that someone would actually pay us to make another one…but they didn’t.

So I came to terms with my delusions about making it in Hollywood by getting really drunk for a year and trying to have lots of sex to make up for my nonsexual youth. But I just had a little bit of bad drunk sex instead and then stopped drinking and started studying metaphysics and chanting to the infinite law of cause and effect and came to the realization that I wasn’t unlucky, that I was just being a scumbag. Then started working really hard on this show, Apocalyptic Exodus Scenarios, which I hope you’ll come see, because it’s just as good as this bio, if not better.

Friday + Saturday, July 31 + August 1 @ 8.30pm
$20 general admission / $15 members/students/seniors

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July 31, 2015
8:30 pm - 10:00 pm
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